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Our Coating Services

Providing Everything You Need


Your garage is more than just a parking space or storage area. It's your workshop. It endures lots of wear and tear from oil spills/leaks to heavy items being dropped on it. So why not protect it and make it look amazing at the same time?

With our coating system, you'll have a new floor in just 1 day and be able to customize it to your desire. You'll also never have to worry about it again thanks to our 15-year warranty once installed. 

From pool decks and basements to steps and workshops, if you are needing a stylish and durable coating for your concrete then we are here to help. Our polyurea coating is perfect for any interior concrete surface.

With many style to choose from you'll be able to customize your floor the way you want it. Abrasion and chemical resistant, our coatings are durable and also extremely easy to clean.


Is your walkway or patio full of cracks and splits? Is it starting to look faded? Well our concrete coatings are perfect for repairing and creating a fresh new look for your walkway or patio. 

With our coating system, you'll be able to customize it how you want. Extremely durable and UV-resistant, our coatings can stand up to anything nature can throw at it and it's backed by our 15-year warranty.

Is your business in need of a new floor? Are you looking for a durable yet stylish option? Well look no further, our coating options are the perfect solution for any business. From bars and restaurants to gyms and showrooms and anything in-between. 

Our coatings come in varying styles so you'll be able to create the look that you want for your business. They are also chemical and abrasion resistant. Not only is it durable, but it also cures quickly so that you can have your business back within 24 hours. 

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Our concrete coatings are the perfect solution to any industrial settings; warehouses, factories, machine shops and much more. Our coatings can with stand impacts, abrasions, chemicals and anything else that can be thrown at it. 

Our coatings fast curing in a time of 24 hours. As well as being low maintenance our coatings are also extremely easy to clean. If you're looking for peace of mind then look no further. 

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