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Polyurea vs Epoxy

The Full Story: Why Polyurea is in and Epoxy is OUT

At Above & Beyond Concrete Coatings we've seen and learned that Epoxy is no longer the best product that you can use. It is considered a short term coating and lasts only for a couple of years, then it starts to fail, peel and crack and is essentially no longer doing its job; protecting your concrete floor. This is where Polyurea steps in. Polyurea bonds to the concrete creating an extremely durable and protective coating all while being stylish. Polyurea used to only be available to the Industrial and Commercial world, but it is finally available to the Residential world and we are extremely happy that we are able to offer it as a coating solution to all our customers. We are proud to offer Penntek products and to be the one and only Trusted & Certified Penntek Dealer/Installer in Alaska. 


  • Extremely easy to clean & Maintain

  • Chemical resistant

  • Bonds to concrete, does not just cover it

  • Longer lasting than Epoxy

  • Comes with a 15-year warranty when Installed by Above & Beyond Concrete Coatings


  • Short term; cracks, peels and chips over time

  • Harder to maintain and clean

  • More prone to stains and chemicals

  • Colors fade quickly 

  • Fewer customization options

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